Fuckermate - No Rebills? - Updated

Is anyone else seeing rebills for them?

I’ve gone all the way back to 2018 and I’m not seeing a single rebill from them. Seems very odd to me…

I double checked their affiliate signup page and it clearly stats “50% of each initial and recurring” …

I now realize that within the CCBill portal you can see how the account is set for that sponsor and I noticed mine is set as:

Payments for Rebills End After: (Zero) rebills

I just created a new affiliate account with them via CCBill and this one shows as:

Payments for Rebills End After: (Unlimited) rebills

I’d advise you check your FuckerMate CCBill Settings as well to make sure you’re getting paid for rebills.

I have an email out to FuckerMate.


Thanks for the headsup, just checked mine and seems ok.

Fuckermate has been in touch with me and they have brought this to the attention to CCBill.

After posting this initial post I remembered having a conversation with Fuckermate about my CCBill account in the past… Did some digging and found an email from 2018… It had something to do with my account being assigned to an incorrect affiliate grouping by someones representative. Not sure if that was a CCBill representative or Fuckermate representative… Any who that got resolved by CCBill internally but we are thinking that this is also when the incorrect rebill settings took place :frowning: