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I’ve revamped and cleaned up the old link directory I used to have on gaydemon. it was the oldest and first part of the site but sadly due to Google disliking directories eventually died out. Plus there’s not that many interesting sites left any more.

It’s now a “link” page as a part of the review section.

I’m now accepting submissions to this page in return for a link back to It’s only open to non-paysites / free sites and resources though. It won’t give you much traffic but might still be worth it.


I am always happy and honored to link to you, recip or not (though I love recips). has always had a link to you on the index and landing page. I don’t know if you want the smaller niched TGPs. The Machine is a standard TGP. I have a text-link only version at Cocky Text Links, but that one includes trans and bi links along with gay.

Offer stands for other blogs/link lists too.

Email me and we will get those sorted out: bjorn at