'Flava Works' Assets Seized

Found on Xbiz


Florida Judge Orders Seizure and Sale of ‘Flava Works’ Assets
A Miami federal judge ordered the seizure and sale of much of the IP of notoriously litigious gay studio Flava Works yesterday,…

Yes I was just reading that this morning. I wonder what that actually means? It does seem to mention Phil who’s the only guy there that I’ve been in contact with in the past.

I missed this story. I’m still not clear on what happened… Flava Works sued A4A for some reason, I assume copyright infringement since they were known for doing that. I think only Corbin Fisher was more litigious in that area. But A4A won the case so FW had to pay their legal fees and rather than doing this they stalled and now have filed Chapter 11. Do I have this right?

Don’t know, the sites are still up and running. But yes the question is what will happen and if the sites are included in this.

I’ve been getting their promo emails all this time so it seems like business as usual.

Yes me too, i actually forgot about this event.