Expanding Merchant-to-Merchant (B2B) Revenue Streams

[SIZE=3]Merchant Connect builds upon CCBill’s previous OneClick Network cross-sales solution and its associated functionalities, while simplifying the ability to offer programs to other merchants, as well as send traffic for additional sales opportunities to other merchants in the CCBill family. [/SIZE]

[INDENT]“Delivering tools that allow our merchants to achieve more success supports our vision at CCBill,” stated Jason Kirk, VP of product development. “Using Merchant Connect, our merchants can leverage member bases of other participating merchants and potentially increase their revenue streams through ‘connected’ sales. While the Merchant Connect concept is similar to that of the traditional affiliate model, in which partners send traffic in exchange for compensation, one notable difference is that the consumers do not need to enter their information again when making a promoted purchase from the other merchant in Merchant Connect.” [/INDENT]

An evolution of the OneClick Network, the new Merchant Connect showcases listings of participating merchants and is easily accessible from within the CCBill Admin Portal. Merchants seeking sales opportunities or offering new programs can now see the programs available for them to join, and click to contact a business with which they want to work. Merchants are also able to easily register for Merchant Connect from within the Admin Portal.

[INDENT]“As things continue to evolve and expand within the marketplace, a key driver of continuing growth for any business is relationship-based sales,” said Gary Jackson, managing VP of sales and Internet markets. While partnerships or affiliate arrangements are not necessarily anything new, it can sometimes be difficult for a merchant to discover opportunities in the marketplace with other merchants. Thanks to the Merchant Connect portal the process of finding companies with which to work is more streamlined, enabling business relationships to take shape, with the bottom line of ultimately opening up more revenue possibilities.” [/INDENT]

Merchant Connect is available from within the CCBill Admin Portal for any CCBill merchant. For questions or to learn more, contact the CCBill Merchant Support team at [email protected] or 800.510.2859.