Englishlads DMCAs

Did anyone received DMCAs from Englishlads on his own affiliate content?
It’s kinda wired, cause he does not reply either.

I’ve found that in the past when this sort of thing happens, it’s because they’ve hired an agent who is not looking closely, or someone who doesn’t have a whitelist to reference.

I have always found Nick really responsive though. Did you try emailing [email protected] ?

This email worked just fine. Thank you!

I’ve never had from him but there has been occasions when a model from the site has done it themselves.

It appeared some old affiliate packages had nude pics and he was after them.

As an FYI, I have not heard back from Nick in more than 24 hours. We used to confer about technique, but I recently became a subscriber again and was temporarily blocked and was required to upload a photo ID. Been in the industry and a consumer for more than 20+ years I find this security requirement absolutely ludicrous and a violation of my privacy!

It’s the one site I get the most complaints from surfers about, so many problems with the subscription and the requirements he has for his members.

You are going to have to get used to it. Payment processors are requiring proof of age and identity - it isn’t the programs that are requiring new security, it’s the banking system.

Does this mean that every subscription will require an ID photo ?! This sounds like something that will kill the business.

They been doing it for a long time already, both Photo ID and address I think.

It’s like for every subscriber?

Yes it’s the same for all subscribers

Sounds crazy, but it might be because of the Age verification law in UK…
Well actually that make sense, cause there is no nudity on tour either. It’s his way to comply with all new laws.

No it’s nothing to do with that. It’s his way of piracy protection. Having everyone’s details incase they share something.

Well, now it does not make any sense :smiley:

It seems to me that this is quite wrong. He is not even a data controller.

I would be very worried about GDPR implications and his ability to comply with secrure storage of personal information… no way in hell is anyone getting a copy of my ID uploaded to the web!

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This is concerning.
We’re currently emailing with Nick to try to work out just how factual this is, because it doesn’t seem right to me that he would be demanding ID from every new subscriber.

I do know that we occasionally hear from models who leave comments threatening legal action unless we remove their images.

I just politely point out that we are not the entity they are in a legal contract with and they need to contact the other party of that agreement. If we receive a request from the party we are in a contractual agreement with to remove that content then we will.

We don’t hear anything else about it after that.

Just check out the comments on our review of English Lads, there’s so many complaints about the ID and other requirements:

And yes… I doubt he’s complying with GDPR with storing any data or even the fact that his taking all this data in the first place. I’m surprised no one has complained yet, maybe because it’s porn and people dont want to admit that anywhere official.

Our discussion with Nick didn’t last long. We never got an answer about requesting ID from subscribers.

This probably explains why we’ve seen declining sales with EL since about Nov 2019. I’m guessing that’s when things really started changing, with regard to restricted access for members and the demands to see ID etc.

It’s a real shame. Their content is perfect for several of our themed sites and there really aren’t many alternatives we could turn to.

If anyone can recommend solo/straight guy/mutual masturbation content from a consistent site with regular updates please let me know. We could potentially send a lot of members their way after a few months of consistent updates.