Doubts about videos and sponsors. Can you guide me?

Hello, first of all I introduce myself, I am a Spanish boy, I am starting a tube website and I have been reading you in the forum for a long time. The truth is that many things are learned here and I love it. I have nothing ready to publish it at all, but I find myself with some problems and since there are many people here who have been here for a long time, I ask to see if some of you can guide me and get rid of doubts.

I want to do everything within the law and without harming anyone. From the initial idea when I decided to start with this to the idea that I now have after reading a lot, it is very different. Let me explain, the idea came to me as a result of reading an ad about Hubtraffic but I saw all the legal problems that this tube had and that its content, at least before, was not legal for the most part and I thought it was better to promote directly to the sponsors.
I was informed that many sponsors offered hosted videos without any problem, everything to promote them and it seemed great and with many advantages, their videos do not have ads, it is legal content, if you get sales you also win, etc …, so, I informed myself on the large number of sponsor at

And now after what has been said, some problems and doubts that I want to solve:

Some sponsors have problems in the videos hosted for affiliates, for example KJCash offers the videos in the url that is on the Spamhaus malware list and if the adblock is activated it blocks their videos, which would not be a problem for the promotion since the banner images that I use are also those offered by the sponsors and the adblock does not block them because the filter passes. I have tried to contact him, but I have not received a response. I inform myself of the url that has the problem and it is a Spamhaus error, the blocked url is a photo gallery without any malware. But he has to contact them to remove his url from that black list.
East boys, the videos it offers cannot be passed, for example, from minute 1 to minute 4 until the video is loaded and sometimes it starts again.

I have not tried many sponsors yet, but I have seen that many of the content they offer is in the .flv format that is used with flash and nobody uses it anymore. I could transform those videos to mp4 and upload them myself, but of course, I’m just starting out and I can’t afford a site to host those videos. So, the truth is that I am very discouraged.
What do you recommend? Don’t use these videos? Another question, I have seen that many sponsors upload videos to their xvideos channels and sometimes have even more promotional material there than in the affiliate panel itself, they can be used for promotion.

I am very lost right now when it comes to choosing the content to upload due to the problems I have mentioned, I want to be totally legal and not harm anyone, I know that there is a lot of work and money behind each website. I have also looked at video hosting sites such as wasabi and backblaze b2 and thus host the videos myself, but they are things that I did not have in mind at first and I do not know the traffic that I will have. Jetpack video would be an ideal solution, it is unlimited for a fee per month, but they do not allow adult content. What I can do? I would love to know your opinion since I know that many sponsors are in this forum and I know that legal tubes such as Rockettube or Queerpixels can be made, although mine would be something more personal.

Welcome to Gay Demon.

I am sure KJCash will chime in on what you were seeing with the malware list. He may not be aware of the issue but he runs a great program.

Flash is definitely out and not supported at all. It could be that the sponsor is not aware some of their galleries are in flash and your question actually prompted me to check to make sure mine are not.

I’m not too familiar with some of the hosting sites you mentioned but I am sure the great people on this message board will give you some input.

Welcome again and good luck!


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Hello Mark, I am very happy to read your answer, I have read you a lot on the forum, you are a very active and interesting user. Pleased to meet you!

Thank you. Nice to meet you as well. :grinning:

To be brutally honest it’s going to be very difficult for you.

There’s a few things to be aware of:

  1. If you are going to have any success at all with a tube / video site you will need to host your own videos. Google won’t give you much if any traffic at all if you don’t.

  2. Making money on a tube site is very difficult, you will find it hard to even cover your costs. The competition is extremely high, starting now and competing with all the big ones is going to be a near impossible battle.

  3. Long term you will need a CMS that can handle the videos for you, converting them to MP4 when needed and organise them. You will also need a CDN so that videos will stream properly and lower bandwidth costs.

  4. To be successful you need to create a site that offers something different than the rest, a site that’s easy to use (mobiles) and that users will bookmark (come back too). Otherwise you’re just another random porn site among a million others. Always ask yourself: Would you use your own site?

With that in mind you could perhaps instead focus on a niche, fetish and specific theme that’s not already been done too much (daddies, college, bondage etc). Host your own videos but only use videos that match your theme, don’t get tempted in adding just lots of videos that are not related. Source good promo videos that is a perfect match and create unique text for each video. Research the theme before you start to make sure you can find enough videos from sponsors. Your SEO needs to be spot on if you are going to have any success at all with this, make sure you understand how to optimize your site.

Hosting I would recommend looking at

To find a good theme, you can maybe look at my review section to see which one contains enough sponsors to source videos from (look at the different categories). Or you could do a theme within a theme, for example European Twinks, Blond Twinks or something like that.

The point is that if you focus on a theme and narrow it down it’s easier to compete.


Great advice in this thread.
Welcome to the board, Spanish Boy.

Edit: Its smart if you stick to legal sponsors. The days of tubes filled with stolen content are slowly winding down.
If you like to write you can create stories or fantasies or do reviews, say in a blog. It will help you with SE’s.

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I agree with everything Bjorn said except #3. In my experience HTTP/2, if properly configured, is faster than a CDN in 90%+ of the cases. And bandwidth at your host will be less expensive than CDN bandwidth. To get a CDN to be faster than a single server with HTTP/2 requires proactively pushing ALL your assets out to multiple regional edge servers which is considerably more expensive than just having them on your primary (origin) server. The moment one is missing the CDN becomes significantly slower. What HTTP/2 gives you over HTTP/1.1 is that (if properly configured) you only pay the price of latency to remote places once. With HTTP/1.1 you pay it over and over again. When HTTP/2 didn’t exist CDNs were faster, but not now (except in very specific cases).

I’d also say in a tube context the preview image absolutely needs to be self-hosted. The .mp4 could be hotlinked to a sponsor URL (in cases where they allow it).

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Welcome to the board!

Thanks for the shoutout, Bjorn!

BlackScorpionx, if you need an adult-friendly hosting company that’ll go above and beyond to help - please reach out to sales at mojohost dot com :slight_smile:

There are a number of CMS platforms built specifically for creating tubes. Choosing one will often save you a lot of time and effort. I usually recommend Mechbunny because it’s well advanced technologically, is a one-time cost, and allows for a wide range of customization. Others include Kernel-Video-Sharing and a new one made specifically for embedded content is called Buran. The latter is a relative newcommer but I’ve had good reviews about all of these, most of course about Mechbunny.

As to content - you’re eventually bound to host your own content, and while it may be daunting financially at this stage, that is the long-term goal. In the meantime, starting with a VPS and embedding content will allow you to get through initial growth and once you’re ready to self-host content, you can take advantage of our starter program. We’ll give a full month of free hosting to any new website to get things moving unless an already severely discounted promotional plan is used.

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Thank you very much for your answers and your help @GayDemon @Jay @NII-CHOME @Natalie
Your opinions have helped me focus. I had a bit of a messy goal and wanted to promote everyone. I am going to promote the content available by the sponsors, with material that I think converts and little by little. As for the accommodation, I already have everything ready, also the interface, which I have worked to make it smooth and I will optimize all the images and banners for both jpg and webp. I already have cdn too, that is, I need to upload the target content. Mojohost I have seen that you speak very well of them, and the truth is an option that I take into account in case a problem arises where I am staying right now, since the prices are similar. I will also write the descriptions and titles for me in Spanish. The competition is tough yes, but the truth is more for illegal websites, from my country, if you are search for “porno gay” (gay porn in english), the first ones that come out are websites with illegal content, 25-minute videos of large tubes, that is, they do not even host them the content, apart from the interfaces they have are rubbish. But there they are, I imagine they will end badly at some point.
And excuse me if my English is not very good.