Doggy Boys / Unable to Pay Affiliates


I reached out to them in June due to a technical issue I encountered on one of their sites and they replied as follows:

Thanks, I’ll let our technician know.
However, we can no longer accept payments for new subscriptions and receive payouts from Billing company.
Due to the fact that our company has two Russian shareholders and despite the fact that our director (and shareholder) is Ukrainian, we were denied service by a billing company and a banking institution on the basis of an order from the European Commission.
Apparently, we will have to stop the site soon. We can no longer accept payments or pay to our partners and affiliates and to service providers, such as a hosting company and so on. We deeply regret this. Let’s hope that one day the situation will change and we will be able to reslaunch our site.
Thank you for your cooperation and good luck in business during this difficult times.

The whole thing is just so sad :frowning:


wow… ok.

i wish they had sent their affiliates notification and told us about it.

I worked with DoggyBoys from early on helping with copy for their pages before writing content for their videos and models etc on an ongoing basis. That had to end earlier this year due to economic sanctions.

Alex is a lovely guy who I think was pretty distraught when war broke out, and it became apparent that he might not be able to continue.

I think it’s important to bear in mind that while it would be nice to let all affiliates know, he’s facing the end of his business, after only a few years, and while things were looking good and growing.

Hopefully he can find a way through this. It was a pleasure writing for him and I enjoyed seeing his site developing.

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Any update on this? I was unaware of this situation and been wasting my time promoting them on my new blog because they have not publicly said anything about this.

No payments, it’s not going to be worth trying to promote them.