DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc

These guys keep sending fake DMCA notifications to Google. Today a new installment of 8 involving some totally unknown actor who hasn’t bought back his content from Raging Stallion and Pride Studios but wants it taken down. Isn’t it time we all affiliates unite against these people and take action against the company?

Dmca piracy prevention Inc is annoying. They sent out tons of false DMCAs against affiliates everyday. I saw people complained this company at GFY, too.

I just took a look at lumendatabase. Recently, I got 4 false DMCAs from them. It’s weird I’ve only got one email notice from google so far. Maybe there’s a delay in system? If I did not get an email notice from google, how can I fill a counter-notice?

On Feb 03, 2023, DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc sent out false DMCAs on behalf of Gino Zanetti. I saw some affiliate sites were targeted as well. e.g., - 3 URLs - 3 URLs - 3 URLs - 3 URLs

Obviously, DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc did not care if the site is an affiliate site (legal) or a pirate site (illegal). They just sent out false DMCAs by bots, using model name as keywords.

And each time you fill a counter-notice, you have all your personal info delivered to them. That’s not good. I agree we should have a union and hire an IP lawyer for all of us to deal with DMCA abuse. This company won’t stop unless we have a legal action against them.

Yes, it’s dubious company for sure. They have probably automated everything and keep submitting false DMCAs. It feels hopeless in terms of doing anything against it. I’ve tried to contact them but never had a reply either.

Sure get together but to organize that? If straight affiliates can’t do it what chance do we?

Here is an example of the law firm that deals with false, fraudulent, and bad faith DMCA Take Down Claims.

DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc locates in Quebec, Canada. I am not sure if we have to find a Canada law firm.

Another option is: Both Adultforce and Nextdoor locate in Montreal, maybe we can ask their affiliate managers to recommend some IP lawyer for us?

I realize that it is very difficult to achieve any kind of unification, but it is extremely necessary in such cases. I see that the company in question is a problem in the other forum as well. That is, if we do something like a union that protects our interests, we will probably achieve an acceptable price for legal services after we are an association, and the company will be forced to stop the unfair practice through financial penalties. I noticed on the other forum a lawyer gave the acceptable formula for false DMCAs - $500 for each one. If we add up to 1,000 false complaints, that’s $500,000, a sum serious enough to make them rethink their online behavior.

Any reason why they haven’t done it amongst straight affiliates?

I guess it’s a matter of organization. In this business, we’re used to doing everything ourselves. And this company was not so active until recently.

Might be worth hitting up Corey Silverstein and asking him how much it would be to draw up a notice threatening lawsuit if the frivolous DMCA notices continue. Then either go together with a group of affiliates or even hit up your top sponsors who they are targeting to see if they will help fund the document.


Yes, I guess a quote can’t hurt.


Thanks for the good idea. I will contact him to see what he can do about it.