DMCA notice about Ryan Ellis from Reno Gold?

Today I received a DMCA notice from Google that a particular URL on my blog which features Ryan Ellis from Reno Gold website requests removal of that post. Has anybody else received this same message? It doesn’t look legitimate that an actor that appeared on such a well-known site would request removal.

I sent an email to pinstripe cash, to their default email [email protected], but something tells me they are not going to reply very soon.

Here is a complete list of urls that the above mentioned dmca is affecting.

From what I can see in the dmca notice, it seems that this person thinks that his content should appear only on,, and, but not on Perhaps there is some kind of misunderstanding between him and the producers?

I got the same complaint notice. Just fill out a counter notice. Since the video in question is still on Reno’s site, then you can use it. This company DMCA Piracy Prevention Inc is some total horror and keeps spewing tons of fake notices.

Not yet… luckily I’ve not promoted him much, revenue is too low for his site. But no doubt I would get one otherwise…

I’ve been getting tons of requests from models trying to get content off of which they don’t own

Yes, you are right. That update is still on Renogold site. I suppose the best thing now would be if people from pinstripecash responded either to my email or in this thread.

It is also possible that that actor wants his content removed, although he doesn’t have the rights to demand that. Recently I received many DMCA notices from a particular actor that appeared 10 years ago on Newyorkstraightmen and when I inquired about this with the owner of the site, he replied that they still have his model release signed, and that he will remain indefinitely in their site’s members area, but that he would recommend that I remove those posts because it’s easiest thing to do.

One of the criteria Google has for ranking a site is DMCA complaints. Fill out a counter notice whenever you have reason to because Google can deindex your site if there are too many complaints you haven’t disputed.

It’s unlikely a site would get entirely delisted by google due to some DMCAs, however it depends on different factors too. A old site with thousands of pages won’t be affected but if you have a small new site and a large amount of the pages have DMCA notices then sure it would potentially have a big impact.

Big non-porn sites like news and video sites gets huge amount of “fake” DMCA notices but are unaffected, some pages that are notified as de-indexed are still ranked and shown.

So it’s not a clear cut thing with Google and DMCA. It’s logical that Google would know that many DMCAs are not accurate or correct.

My issues with counter notices is that it requires you to fill in your own details which then is published to the crazy person who submitted it in the first place… Plus if you don’t own the content some of the things you have to fill in doesn’t make sense.

I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but it’s really worrying that someone anonymous is getting personal data they have no right to have. In the EU, this issue has been resolved in general, but it seems that the states do not have uniform legislation in the field.

Regarding DMCAs and Google, I read that somewhere in their ranking and spam rules, but I’m not sure how or if their algorithm works in such cases.

yeah that’s my concern… someone of these guys are a bit crazy and self-obsessed to say the least.

I think it’s impossible to know for sure how Google does it. But really, if you think about it. Having a few DMCA vs thousands of legit pages. Its all down to numbers with google in the end. so as long you don’t have a huge amount of them im sure it wont be a problem.

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Just for the record, I never received any reply from pinstripe cash people concerning this matter.

Let’s suppose the situation where you file a counter notice to Google and they ask you to show them models’ signed forms… the only way an affiliate can offer this kind of proof is through the main program which he promotes. If the main program i.e. the sponsor is not replying, then methinks we have a kind of problem…

That’s not quite how it works, When you submit a counter notice google rejects the DMCA complaint from the claimant who posted it, they offer to reinstate the DMCA notice and re-remove the URL from google ONLY if the claimant starts a court case regarding it against the person who filed the counter notice.

Problem these days is the notices are not being sent by the models, there are companies out there offering to clean piracy for models and just hitting all results in google that do not fall under “Onlyfans, Insta, Twitter, known other socials of the model”…

I would personally fire a counter notice, no model or company representing them is going to pursue a $10,000+ court case to remove some content they do not even own.

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Sure, but our issue is that we’re not the content owners but using content that’s been sent to us, encouraging us to use it on our site. Secondly, we have to provide all our personal details which is then sent to the claimant.

Yes I get it Bjorn, I have unfortunately had to do this with some of my personal blogs quite recently. I get the questions on the counter notice do not always make sense but I just clearly state in the reply on there That I have authorisation off the content owner to use content as an affiliate (in every box if needed)… Since google wont even read the reply they just send it directly to the person complaining.

Sadly I personally see a big drop in google traffic until I submit a counter notice, since my blogs don’t have the authority some older sites so I’m thinking for others maybe the Fake DMCA bad SEO effect is not as great possibly… Hence me always firing back a counter notice.

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