DMCA complaint from Mistress Hinako (AxelAbysse.Com)

I received 5 DMCA complaints from the woman in question regarding Axel Abysse videos. Most models really don’t seem to know how this type of complaint works, which pisses me off. This one has even filled in a link to a page with a tag containing her name.

Of course, I filled out a DMCA counter notification. I used to just delete the content and stop bothering, but lately the models are so blatantly illiterate about their DMCA rights that I purposely fight their bogus complaints to the end and end up returning the content.

I’ve had DMCA for tag pages with just names as well… but you’re right they seem to have no idea and just submit it for everything and anything.

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Yeah, these complaints are getting crazy lately. I hope that eventually someone will be convicted of making false DMCA complaints because right now everyone does whatever they want with no consequences.

Morning! I’ve spoken with Axel about this and it appears Mistress Hinako hired a company to manage things for her side, but she didn’t account for colabs she’s done. If you guys pass me over the urls of the sites I’ll have the claims removed and have them added to her exclude lists so it doesn’t happen again when connected with our AxelAbysse site.


Thank you for your cooperation. I sent you a list in a private message.

Sweet, thanks. I sent these over to Axel to sort out with Mistress Hinako. I can’t see the content itself, but it appears to be tube/promo clips we create for everyone?

Yes, the usual stuff you send. These have been removed as this is required when filling out a counter notice.

Thanks sweetie! I told them as much, but wanted to confirm. I don’t see an issue with them being backup and if they have issue tell them to talk to me. :slight_smile:

Andie Yancey
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Thank you for being on top of it Andie! :slight_smile:

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Andie is the best!

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