Cybersocket Magazine and Website

Can anyone in the cities that Cybersocket magazine is / was distributed tell me if it is still being published?

All I know is that they still have the awards show and they seem to update their blog, but no idea who runs it now.

What prompted my inquiry is that their blog now redirects to gay.fleshbot, but says it is “powered by CyberSocket”.
Both fleshbot and CyberSocket were bought by NSFW Army in mid-2021. NSFW Army is owned by BLT Innovations LLC, which is owned by “Jack Avalanche”, who also owns CherryPimps.
I just wanted to know if the print magazine was still around or not. I don’t recall seeing it displayed anywhere when we were in Fort Lauderdale this year, which is gay central for Florida.

They ceased production of the magazine shortly before Morgan sold it. As I recall an email went out about his former partner Tim having brain cancer and I think that is what caused him to stop doing print and go digital before he sold it to Fleshbot.

That’s right, the print publication part is done. Jack’s team hired a gay guy named Alexander Rodriguez to be the editor in chief for the online only pub, and tasked him with doing outreach, bar events, blog/vlog stuff. Jack and I spoke about his acquisition last year. His idea is that eventually it could be a place where the industry wants to advertise. He’s no slouch and I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Thank-you for the information. I was curious as Morgan and Tim were synonymous with Cybersocket and the magazine was the core of the business. The website was looking better than ever, then it merged with fleshbot, so I hope the brand is not diluted over time.

I always enjoyed grabbing a copy and flipping through it to see the hot guys and new sites to check out. It was a good place to find sites that you could promote as a webmaster affiliate. Ah, the good old days.