Custom Blogger Template Needed

Hi guys,

I need a simple, but efficient custom blogger template for a self-hosted blog.
The template must include navigation to previous and next blog posts and a wide sidebar.

I am looking for this to be installed, with all current sidebar details, imported into the new template. Obviously everything else as well(posts etc), but that goes without saying.

Yes, I know wordpress is more efficient etc and have several WP blogs, so this is not a post about the disadvantages of Blogger, I’m aware of them, but don’t feel like moving this blog right now.

Hit me up by PM, ICQ or Twitter and we can discuss this. Good command of the English language preferred(sorry, not the most patient person in the world, at the moment).

Payment by Epass or Paypal only.


Re: Custom Blogger Template Needed

board members Rdude and Bec both do blog templates, and pretty sure they do installs.

Re: Custom Blogger Template Needed

Thanks for the nod Patti – but my “talent” lies with either Blog Organizer or Wordpress. I’m not familiar with other blogging platforms.

Re: Custom Blogger Template Needed

Thanks for the good word Patti as well. However, I must concur with Bec. I’m afraid Blogger is beyond my knowledge at this point too.

From what I know, not many adult designers deal with Blogger very much. Of course, I could be wrong on this. Wordpress really has taken the forefront as we all know though.