CuriousCash is now dead?

Just wondering if anyone has any information on the status of CuriousCash.
It seems their affiliate system is just… gone.

The only link to log in is now in the footer, but it’s a dead link.
I tried emailing them for info and the email was rejected.

I’ve never been paid by them, and now it looks like I never will.
Getting ready to pull all links in the next few days.

I’m not sure I even know who they are but I was also out of things for some years…though back this year. I can ask around if anyone knows anything

They have been gone for awhile from my understanding

The guy who ran their affiliate program went by the name Toyboy. He passed away a few years ago and the owner Tim Hamilton completely disappeared after that. I used to speak with Tim frequently prior to that but not since. I checked and Tim’s Facebook page is also gone.

Tim is still around but the affiliate program doesn’t work or doesn’t track sales as it should. He does respond to emails but, well… promoting without a way to know if you sold or what’s owed isn’t exactly ideal.

Pulled my links back in April of 2020 due to non payment.

I did get paid last year but nothing since and pulled links beginning of this year. They offered to still pay but no way of proving amount of sales or tracking.

Thanks for the info guys.
I do recall a few years ago that we dropped them because we had some sales and then they just magically disappeared from the account. No explanation for it.
But then we started making sales so we (stupidly) decided to try it a second time.

We’re pulling the links weekend and we won’t be trying again with them.

Thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:

Can someone refresh my memory on what sites were under Curious Cash?

“All Australian Boys” is the only one I know of but there may be others…


“Beast with Boys” I think.

They owe me more than $500. At one point in time my balance just disappeared from their affiliate tracking system. And when I emailed them about that they never responded, so I pulled their links from my blog but I kept the images and posts. Their links now redirect to my homepage.

I’m not sure if this is the best strategy for such sites (that disappeared or refuse to pay their affiliates), or should I just completely remove all their posts. Does anybody know?

I really don’t know. They are in Australia so options are limited. I’m owed as well.

I would say leave the content up.
Add a note that links have been removed and you’re no longer promoting them. Also add an internal link to similar content that’s going to pay you.

You invested time and effort into creating that post, and the media is going to continue bringing traffic, so there’s no reason to remove it when you could maximize its usefulness to you.

It’s a different story if they contact you to request removal. In that case I would comply. I would also then redirect all URLs for the posts you are deleting to another post with one sentence explaining you no longer promote them, or just that it’s been removed, but while serving up suggestions for similar content from another studio.