Curious Cash Weirdness

Curious Cash (All Australian Boys) has just added five sales and one rebill to my account in Nifty Stats today, along with 3,000 unique clicks. It’s impossible for me to send them this many clicks in one day. This happened last month on October 20 as well.

Anyone else seeing this?

I’ve emailed Curious Cash twice now, but they’re not replying and a couple of their email addresses are bouncing.


Yes, I noticed the same thing. On that day their reporting says I earned over $2,000 and sent 21,000 clicks. I stopped promoting them back in February of last year… I went round and round with them for many years trying to get paid. It was always a battle and they NEVER paid me what my records showed. I would bet dollars to donuts that the reporting that just appeared on the 20th is actually what I’m owed by them, if not more!

Run as fast as you can and don’t waste your time.

My two cents worth.

yes same for me, odd big numbers.