Creating site feedback needed

Hi all so like a lot of gay people i too have a fetish for straight guys, i often search this niche, but have to go to several different sites. Kind of a straight guys seduced by gays niche, i know there are a few site sout there

So my thought is to put all of these sites contents as an affiliate on one site for this niche, and make money as an affiliate if they join that particular site .#

As gaydemon rightly said this needs to eb on top of an idea, so my idea is is to have the ability of hiring a straight escort in your local area… what do you all think

thanks alot!

Well yes it’s kind of related, so could provide some more content. It means you have to find escorts though who want to be listed. But you could perhaps turn it around a bit, not so much about hooking up people with escort but a fan page of escorts, that way avoiding any issues there might be with listing escorts on your site. Simple look around for escorts you think are hot and create posts about them and linking to where ever you find them.

hi gaydemon how about just having the straight guys seduced and have a a page of hot straight guys t hot guys who have consented to be shared on my site from my facebook account

Publishing “amateur” photos is always a iffy area, sure if you have consent but how many would consent. There’s lots of blogs that do share such photos though. But likewise there used to be a lot of ex-boyfriend, random hot amateur guy (found pics online) membership sites which ended up closing down.

You just have to try what works for you.

The real issue will be getting traffic to your site. If you rely on Facebook you will eventually find that your site will get blocked and links disabled from facebook. They do not allow links to adult sites of any kind.

ok thansk gaydemon, can you recommend any programmers to first get the site built thanks

You intend to pay someone to build the site? That won’t be cheap if you want a custom solution. Most of us do it ourselves. I think you will struggle to make money and just cost you a lot. Perhaps you don’t realise but porn won’t make you rich any more. It’s a struggle to get anything to pay off.

I’d try and set something up yourself.