Content owners vs File lockers : 1-0

Hotfile Agrees to $80 Million Settlement, Ordered to Stop Further Copyright Infringement.

Judgment comes after Court held Hotfile liable for copyright infringement, helping clear the way for legitimate, innovative online services to take root and thrive.

Here’s the press release from the MPAA :

Maybe it will now become easier to fight File Lockers in the future…

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And even better than a press release:


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Let’s hope so. Very interesting. Thanks.

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Wow Michael. Check that out! It sounds like they got their asses kicked and have submitted. Naw…could it be?!

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hotfile has been closed for ages already, but it would seem to give copyright holders more hope in taking on the other services doing the same thing

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Are you sure? Hotfile was still up when I started the thread. The link to Hotfile Premium didn’t work anymore though.

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I think they let you store and retrieve your own files, but as for sharing they have been off the radar for quite a while

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Oh yes. I think that’s the case indeed

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That little statement on the site is more than a little disingenuous.

There are a lot of people who search for TV shows on the net, because the US networks are so backward and out of date they don’t seem to comprehend how they can cash in on this. There needs to be a revolution in the US industry, and fast. That will do more to prevent this kind of file sharing than anything else.

US TV shows are broadcast in America often months ahead of everywhere else. US websites for broadcasters block traffic outside of the US to their online content, further pushing the audience into the hands of those who breach copyright.

If they want to really damage the sharing business, release TV shows and movies around the world simultaneously, provide international pages for streaming content directly, cash in on the massive global advertising opportunity they have.

Imagine if the Walking Dead had been available to anyone around the world at the same time, the advertising revenues from that could be astronomical. The social media audience would instantly grow by another few million, further encouraging more viewers and again increasing revenues.

Instead, people seek it out on a thousand other sites to stream and download it, giving them the revenues from their own advertising, and studios miss out on the growing opportunity to engage a global audience in real time.