Content on a different domain

I’ve never been good at SEO. I wonder what’s the impact of using a CDN and therefore a different domain than the main one.

You may suggest to create a subdomain from the site domain but in my case it’s not a viable solution. Having many sites the costs would escalate pretty quickly. So I registered another domain, bought a wildcard SSL for it and using different subdomain for each site.


As far as I know it doesn’t matter if it’s a sub-domain or a different domain. it’s whatever makes sense to you. It’s treated the same way, sub-domain is it’s own “site”.

I host videos and most images on a separate server that also then goes through a CDN. However I think you just mean using a CDN rather than storing your images on different server? CDN isn’t quite like having a different server and should have no impact on your site other than making it quicker (good for SEO) and cheaper (bandwidth). The original video still sits on your own server while the CDN holds a copy which is served to the visitor.

For example in my case:

  • Html, scripts, databases, css etc on server 1 (
  • Videos and images on server 2 using different sub-domain: (
  • All content then sits behind two different CDNs one for images, jss and html and another for videos.

I’m actually taking it one step one further this month. I’m moving all videos to the cloud, no longer having anything on the server, making it faster, cheaper and more reliable… no more expensive backups…


Pretty much what @GayDemon said. most large sites use CDN and the SERPs don’t penalize for it. I thik the way you’re doing it makes a lot of sense.
As a rule, we see a roughly 10% increase from adding a CDN in terms of traffic nearly immediately. The reason for higher SERPs and more traffic is because your web pages load faster and therefore get more credit with the algorhytms.