Contacting Cocky Boys

Im having very little success in getting hold of Cocky Boys. Ironically it’s just to give some feedback to them about their new design that doesn’t work. I’ve had several complaints from users and we also tested it ourself… the new design is terrible, extremely slow and things just grinds to a halt eventually. Can’t believe they didn’t test it themselves before going live.

Carol is usually pretty good at responding when I contact her about payments… Maybe she could direct you to a contact? carol [at]

I’ve also noticed there site seems very sluggish for a month or so. Which was odd because there site was usually very quick…

I finally heard from them. They are aware of issues and working on moving to another host, however I suspect it won’t solve the problem with the loading speed. They also mentioned moving to a automatic payout system but again, I suspect it’s not poor Carol’s (the accountant) fault.

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