Cold Turkey on Plug Ins

Okay, I guess it is time to weed out some of the plugins I run on my sites.

There are some basics I would assume, one would want to keep, other than Akismet.

So what lists of plugins do you use? Or suggest are the minimum to have?

I can see a SEO plugin like Platinum SEO, a keyword plugin like Blog Mechanics (that adds links to keywords you select, so you don’t have to.)

I know the DB backup plugin is a time saver.

How about stat plugins like Statpress Reloaded, Wassup?

Couple I know I need, is a ‘go to top’ one for my story sites. I mean it saves a ton of scrolling to have surfers get back to the main top section, and subsequent navigation portion of the blog, and then there is the ‘series’ plugin as well, which helps surfers find the next part of a multi part story.

What about the ‘most recent post’ and ‘most popular posts’ and the ‘users online’ ones? Necessary or extra garbage?

So, chime in with your fav’s and why.

Re: Cold Turkey on Plug Ins

FeedWordpress,Twitpress,Google Sitemap Generator are some of my favorites.I actually have not installed any new ones lately.I really need to go looking through the newer plugins. :wink:

Re: Cold Turkey on Plug Ins

What’s the name of the series one? I have a writer friend in need of it.

Re: Cold Turkey on Plug Ins

Organize Series. It’s not bad, wish the guy who did the ‘in series’ plugin continued, but he decided not to, so its not being upgraded to meet 2.7, never mind 2.8

This one is okay, does the trick which is all one can ask I guess

Re: Cold Turkey on Plug Ins

The one thing I am finding, with wordpress & its myriad of plugins, is that really it is a crap shoot, as to their compatibility with each other, and with wordpress new versions.

I really wish that these software gurus would test their products before they release them, and that wordpress would make it easier to identify plugins that are not compatible with specific versions.

Statpress Reloaded for example has issues. A nice little stats program, but like many, you need to ‘deactivate’ before upgrading, even if using the autoupdate feature. In addition, some like Wassup have to not only be ‘deactivated’ but have to ‘delete its folder’ before the new version gets uploaded.

Naturally the details of this is semi hidden, which really makes it hard to keep track of what you have to do, to upgrade.

One other note, seems that in WP 2.8, the plugin directory no longer separates the active, recently active, and inactive from the main list. Yes, it has a feature that will only show the recently active, and inactive, and those available for upgrade, but the old version did it with a lot less fuss, and clicking.