Citebeur Non-Payment

I’ve been promoting them a little on my main blog since early 2019 and so far I was paid twice, once in 2019 in October, and for the second time in October of 2020. In both cases I sent the invoice which they require to Antoine Barde (antoine at studiopresse dot com) and he responded and sent the payments through paypal. Those two payments were fine.

Now it was time for the payment for this year. I sent him the invoice like on two previous occasions, but so far there has been no response. I re-sent the same email a couple days ago, again no response.

So if you promote them consider the possibility that you will not be paid, and that your emails will go unanswered.

I got paid recently, always pays when sending him a invoice however not through PayPal. Don’t know if they still use that. Hopefully he’ll respond to you soon.

Bjorn, you are probably perceived as a bigger affiliate than me, that’s why you were paid. But I think you’ll agree that it’s not a good sign when even smaller affiliates don’t get paid. In the long run, it’s a bad omen for a program.

What other payment method do they use except Paypal? How did you get paid?

Yes, sadly i have a feeling the more sales you make the more attention you get with payments. I get paid by electronic bank transfer as we’re both based in the EU.

I would suggest trying email from a different email address to assure your mail isn’t ending in a junk, spam or trash folder for some reason…

I always get paid promptly. They pay me via PayPal.

Today I sent them the same email from my Gmail account and he responded promptly, and also sent me the payment to my Paypal account. So everything has been favourably resolved now.

Perhaps they didn’t get my previous emails which were sent from (a German web-based email which has proven to be quite reliable as far as email delivery and security are concerned, but in this day and age one can never know).


Glad you got it sorted.