Charged Media pulling the sleaziest dirtbag move on their affiliate base

Hi community,

In case you haven’t seen or heard, Charged Media has officially announced they are kicking you in the bean bag on a policy they encouraged for many years. I’m okay with the fact they no longer want affiliates “promoting their network” via uploads and/or watermarks, but this part here is pretty disgusting (entire e-mail below):
“All domains purchased by us to be used as watermarks will be redirected internally until expiration.”

So they are basically saying, yes we were buying domains for you to use, we wanted to keep control over them in case they would expire or get redirected to a competitor by you, but now we’re just going to take all of your work we’ve encouraged you to do and just dump that in our bank account instead of yours. Oh and by the way, strap your dick because your account is going to get its entire life DMCA’d and will probably get shut down.


Thank you Charged Media,
You guys suck and you just sucker-punched your entire affiliate base.
Not to mention steal from us. Redirecting our links internally…
Your network has been absolute shit since Sadiq took over.
Look forward to your inevitable and now accelerated downfall.

Webmasters, save yourselves some time and look no further, move to Carnal Media. I moved my chips there a long time ago when I saw Charged Media declining and have never been happier. Better production, better actors, amazing account managers, more flexibility, and best of all, better conversion rates.

Entire message:
"Dear Affiliate,

Thank you, for being a valued partner of PaperStreetCash, MylfMoney & ChargerCash.

As you may or may not know, many companies have moved away from allowing affiliates to upload their content to various tube sites. As merchants, banks, and tube sites adjust their policies, so must we.

In an effort to protect our brand and content, we are forced to make a policy change with regard to affiliates who are tube submitters.

As of August 1st, 2021 we regret to inform you that we no longer allow affiliates to promote our sites via content submission on tube sites. This includes the method of using custom clips with non-official domain watermarks on our content.

You’re receiving this email because we have purchased domains for your account and prior to this policy change, we’ve allowed you to download full movies to cut/crop and re-watermark our content for tube site submissions.

Again, effective as of August 1st, 2021, this will no longer be allowed. All domains purchased by us to be used as watermarks will be redirected internally until expiration.

Any and all sales made prior to this policy change date that have been paid out via Revenue Share will continue to rebill and you will be awarded your share of revenue via your affiliate account.

You will no longer be allowed to download full movies. You will no longer be allowed to watermark said movies and you will no longer be allowed to submit any of our content to tube sites you do not legally own as an official partner.

Any violation of this policy will result in payment holds and account banning. We have a zero strike policy in place for this. Please reach out before the policy change date if you need further clarification.

Again, we appreciate your business and partnership over the years and we encourage you to use other valid methods of promoting our sites to generate traffic. We have a large portfolio of sites and ad tools still available so please reach out to your account rep for help. Our support team is ready to assist in any way we can!


PSC / CM / MYLF Team"


Let’s be honest. After Legrand left them, the quality of their contents deteriorated sharply. Basically, they obviously don’t want any affiliates. They haven’t even sent affiliate newsletters in months. I fully support your opinion, Carnal’s sites are incomparably better.


Wow, just read this and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Seems like they are up to their old tricks. Sadiq (who used to go by the name “Amar”) is quite the piece, let me tell you. I know Legrand and Jay and they were taken advantage of by this guy that sold them a bag of goods.

Before entering into their partnership, they were told they could terminate the licensing deal with PaperStreetMedia for their properties in the new joint venture at any time. If they didn’t like the partnership, they were assured they could amicably part ways. But that turned out not to be the case (as we all saw).

To create the ChargedMedia partnership, Legrand and his husband contributed all of their properties, videos, experience in gay porn, as well as their rebilling subscribers (and 8 years of momentum where everyone saw Mormonboyz become a much awarded and industry recognized leader), and PaperStreetMedia contributed essentially next to nothing.

Legrand was told that he would be getting a partner that would solve his problem with Mormongirlz, a straight property that Wolf and his husband funded entirely, but the site was struggling to become profitable. Legrand was told he could focus on growing his gay business without the straight partner inserting themselves given their lack of experience.

But PaperStreetMedia did nothing with MormonGirlz. A promised sales team was never provided and ultimately PaperStreetMedia pulled all sales support from Legrand and the ChargedMedia partnership.
Apparently, sales support was pulled after Sadiq had one of his fairly common psychotic melt downs. At one point, a phone call that Legrand recorded as the CEO of his own company got Sadiq so freaked out (that someone recorded him), he threatened to sue Legrand while they were still in the partnership. Talk about paranoid. It makes me wonder what kind of things this guy says that he doesn’t want recorded.

But I think the biggest issue was that PaperStreetMedia failed to disclose during the due diligence phase of creating that partnership that Sadiq got his start in the porn industry by stealing from Reality Kings.

I have a link to the legal docs, and if anyone is interested in reading them, message me.

The end result of Sadiq’s actions leading to the lawsuit, is that Reality Kings owns a hefty chunk of PaperStreetMedia’s revenue forever. I know Legrand has told me he would never have gone into business with PaperStreetMedia if he been aware of that.

So it’s not surprising that things didn’t go well for Legrand and Jay.

I’ve heard horror stories about the horrible treatment of Sadiq’s staff, from several people who have witnessed blatant racism from most of the leadership at PaperStreetMedia. Things like calling their Philipino devs “flips who should not be paid when you don’t get the results you want from them because a hungry flip is going to want to eat and will do whatever you ask”.

I can certainly understand why Legrand and Jay wanted out. From the stories employees (current and former) tell, the environment was toxic. The owners of PaperStreetMedia were heard saying they find gay sex disgusting, but aside from their homophobia, they apparently aren’t great toward female talent on the straight side either.

When Legrand and Jay wanted out, PaperStreetMedia lawyered up and threatened to sue them. They were told they could leave, but they would be leaving without anything including their properties.
PaperStreetMedia used legal threats to keep the site Mormonboyz and all the rebilling subscribers that Legrand and his husband had built and run for 8 years.

Because PaperStreetMedia controlled the finances of the new partnership ChargedMedia (also known as SayUncle for their stupidly named network site), Legrand and his husband surrendered everything and started over and after 3 years have come back strong with Carnal Media.

I see why you have moved your chips over to them. Several others have as well.

I know that Legrand and Jay have done me well and they have a lot of respect in this industry, from other studios as well as their own employees and especially all of the models who have worked for them.

As for Sadiq and Charged Media, it looks like they just don’t play well with anyone and the consequences are finally getting them.


I’m completely speechless and utterly disgusted by them after reading your response, thank you for sharing this insight! People need to know.

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Sorry to hear they are pulling the plug on this form of promotion! A few of our top zbuckz affiliates promote us in this way and we always appreciate how amazingly the traffic converts. If you’re looking for another program to work with on tube uploads, send me an email or PM on here and we’d be happy to work with you on promoting our studios!

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