CCBill Rules & Visa Regulations

I’m going to be submitting a new pay site for approval next week and only want to go through the approval process once. Does anyone know where I can read up on CCBill rules and Visa regulations? I tried the CCBill help area but couldn’t really find anything.

Specifically I need to know:

  1. Does either CCBill or Visa require a warning page?

  2. What type of content is disallowed?

Also, I know they quote something like three weeks for approval, but does anyone know how long it is really taking right now?

Re: CCBill Rules & Visa Regulations

Can’t help you with 1 and 2 but the visa approval for my last site only took about 7 days. CCBill processed for the other cards immediately.

Re: CCBill Rules & Visa Regulations

Thanks Paul. It looks like they’re moving pretty fast. Maskerbate just announced that he got fast approval and is moving up his CCBill launch date.

Re: CCBill Rules & Visa Regulations

Only took a day for me to add and to CCBill a few months ago :wink: CCBill rocks!

Re: CCBill Rules & Visa Regulations

ccbill and visa us do require a warning page.

ccbill doesn’t allow content that appears to have blood (no fake vampires, etc), no watersports, no torture or - i believe - no extreme bdsm, nothing illegal.

Re: CCBill Rules & Visa Regulations

Darn! I was wanting to not have warning page (with proper labeling). I guess I’ll save that for free sites… Oh well no biggie.

Thanks for the info.