Cashkaboom content update emails?

The last affiliate content update email I got from Cashkaboom was from July 30th 2021. I received no content update emails from them since that date.

For those of you that are still promoting them, do you still get their affiliate content update emails? When was the last time you got one?

BTW. I know it has been challenging to promote them lately, but they are still one of the rare sponsors today that actually sells, and there is still an option to link directly to their join pages (they can provide the exact linking codes), and if you do so, you get credited for sales.

I think you’ll find this useful:

Please use the below links for each site to retrieve the latest promotional material for affiliates:







Zip folders with promotional images for recent SneakyPeek updates can be found in the members’ area. Please contact [email protected] for login details.

Thanks bgmen!

They haven’t notified me about this although I am subscribed to their content affiliate email updates. I even sent them an email a few days ago, inquiring about this and they haven’t responded…

Welcome. There is no email about that. I accidentally saw the message on their NATS installation.

It sells for you? Do you link directly to the signup page?

Yes, their sites still sell for me, but not nearly as well as several years ago. You get credited for sales if you link directly to the join pages. You’ll need to ask them to provide you with the join page linking codes.

Yes I use that too but sales are terrible.