CarnalCash - New Site Launch 🚀- HornyTwinkBF


CarnalCash is bringing back one of the highest converting niche sites in the world!

Welcome to HornyTwinkBF, the world’s hottest twink boyfriend porn archive. It’s time to capitalize again on this incredible niche site for your amateur twink lovers. This is one of the highest converting sites in the world, and it isn’t going away this time! Please take 2 minutes to read the following, we promise it’s worth it.

Wonder what happened to 429Cash/Webclicks? 3 years ago, overnight and without notice, all of your affiliate links with 429Cash/Webclicks became redirected to their general site called gaydvdnetwork. Your conversion ratio crumbled, earnings went to shit and that’s probably when and how you realized that something unusual was going on.

This type of high-converting niche offering has not been available for the past 3 years, until now!

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Here at Carnal we are excited to announce the launch of our new network Manclicks, with its first site being, the world’s hottest twink boyfriend porn archive. Start earning today by promoting this new site. Just login to your CarnalCash account to grab your links today!

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Jay [email protected]

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Welcome to Gay Demon.

This is great and all but I went to and it won’t even load. You also didn’t include a url to this new site. :crazy_face:

Hey Mark

Thanks for pointing this out. I realized our text outside of our affiliate email doesn’t make as much sense. lives within CarnalCash. This project is a partnership between Webwizard Jay & Carnal Media with lots more to come. As well everyone meet Justin our new affiliate manager at CarnalCash. Please reach if anyone has any questions.


Thanks for the clarification. Will you have more banners for your sites?

It looks very familiar, is this site related to WebClicks old BF sites?

It’s absolutely NOT related to webclicks but the idea is the same. We have built this from the ground up with WebwizardJay. Happy to make banners in any sizes, send requests to [email protected] and copy in [email protected]

Very interesting. This looks super familiar to me as well.

Yeah the design looks really familiar. Has that 2010 to 2015 vibe to it


Looks like a old BF site :slight_smile:

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Yes that is exactly what it looks like.

It sold well back with Webclicks so might work again.

Will this be under it’s own affiliate program? Not quite clear but I’m guessing it will be.

WebClicks killed all their sites after MC and Visa changed their processing rules by banning totally UGC (user generated content) or fake UGC sites.

That’s the only reason why they killed a free cash-cow network like their own one.

Your tour clearly has some unlicensed and unverified stuff. That’s not implying being CP but … well … you can draw conclusions yourself.

Some of the models do look quite fresh faced

yes its under

Probably they don’t even know to be on the site :rofl:

We have 2257 for the content of the site. We’ve fixed a couple link issues in the footer.

No Alan. What you say it’s simply not true. Your tour is a mix of “found” and “stolen” stuff. I can easily recognize thumbnails from videos of some well known sites that work only with exclusive content.

Your 2257 is a joke as well:

Www. members. hornybf .com is not a producer (primary or secondary) of any or all of the content found on the website. With respect to the records as per 18 USC 2257 for the content found on this site, please kindly direct your request to the site for which the content was produced.
Www .members. hornybf. com is a live sex cam sharing site which allows the general viewing of various types of content.
Www. members. hornybf .com abides by the following procedures to ensure compliance:
We require all users to be 18+ years of age to upload videos.
Users must affirm that they are 18+ years of age and affirm that they keep records of the videos in the content and that they are over 18 years of age.

It declares exactly the opposite of what you are claiming here in your reply.

Also your website lacks of the link to the submit page. Where all these flocks of hot twinks can submit their videos?