Calling all tubes!

Hey guys,

We’ve starting working with Gaytube, and are just getting rolling with Xtube, with excellent success and are looking for more gay tubes to work with. We have developed automated tools to generate clips that can integrate with your APIs/UIs to upload any number of clips per day per site we agree upon. Seems like a win-win for all involved, even the customers :slight_smile:

We also have many speciality sites, like, and studio-specific sites, like,,,, etc. Lots of variety and you know what they say about variety.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Re: Calling all tubes!

So how does your affiliate program work?

Re: Calling all tubes!

Typically we payout $35 persignup or 50% revshare. Membership sites seems to do best with persignup for affiliates… and our PPM sites with revshare. We can also do custom plans to provide incentives for an affiliates users to join, etc. Our affiliate tools have matured a lot in the past few months… we now offer solid revenue and traffic reporting, including clicks/uniques, as well as site promotional tools that include banners, links (to site, scenes, categories, etc), hi-res photos from scenes, and downloadable or hosted preview clips. Hope that helps. The post above was regarding a specific service we’re providing to tube sites… but of course, all affiliates are welcome… they are our bread and butter :slight_smile:

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Sent you a PM.