Book of Bate now available on Amazon!

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with the BuddyBate community. One of their most exciting projects has been the Book of Bate.

As the community is totally bate-centric, and as this is considered a niche in porn these days, the range of adult entertainment focusing specifically on this subject is limited. This ultimately led to the release of original fiction centered on bromantic and solosexual erotica produced by Brad Smithson.

The first Book of Bate containing ten original stories was so popular a second was soon in demand, and a third.

They’re currently working on Book of Bate Vol. 4, due to be released in the next few months. There are already plans for another twenty anthologies, each containing ten original stories.

This is alongside their long-form releases including Bateman’s Gully, and the upcoming release of Milk Shed.

While originally manually delivered in pdf format via men’s adult retailer BlokeToys, the first three anthologies are now available on Amazon, allowing a larger audience of readers to discover them for the first time.

There are also plans to make paperback editions available, to allow readers to collect the entire range in physical copy.

You can find out more about Book of Bate by clicking here.
Or just search “Book of Bate” on Amazon.

congratulations on the release of the book!

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I still have my copy of Milking Farm somewhere. Parts of that book really turned me on and fueled some fantasies. I always wished someone would have made a movie of that book.