Black Friday Deals for Broke Straight Boys and College Dudes Going on NOW!

[SIZE=3]Hi Everyone,

[SIZE=5]Just a heads up on the Black Friday sale which has already started going on through Nov 31st for both and[/SIZE]

Last year this was some amazing records for us and we expect this year to do just as well.

[SIZE=3]Broke Straight Boys:[/SIZE]
$12.95 per month or 99.87 per year for BSB (we provide an additional 20% off if they try to leave the join page.)

CollegeDudes saw some amazing conversions when we offered the $100 Lifetime deal in the past, now we are offering this to everyone.

Thats $100, 1 time, not recurring for a lifetime full access membership plus bonus sites

[SIZE=4]Download zip banners:
Broke Straight Boys - Black Friday Banners
College Dudes - Black Friday Banners[/SIZE]

If you’re not already promoting us, signup! (We’ve been online since 1997)[/SIZE]