Bill Futral, owner of found murdered

I didn’t know him, but I’m sure many of you did… RIP Bill…

William Futral, the owner of gay adult website, was found murdered at his Tampa apartment the afternoon of May 1, according to multiple reports. He was 52.

The press release notes that the death was “believed to be a targeted attack.”

And the XBiz article on his death…

Oh, my goodness!

I’d been promoting TGS for years, and had email conversations with Bill.
Bill’s a good sponsor who always answered affiliate questions in time.


I just saw it this morning, it’s awful. Been in contact with him regularly over the years.

There’s a bit more information on it here:

Oh my, I never knew him but what a tragedy! I hope they find that guy and lock him up, very scary. Condolences to anyone that knew him.

Wow, this reminds me of that other gay porn site owner in Texas that was also murdered by a model a few years ago. Forgot the name of the site.

I hope the owners of Gemini Men, Red Hot Straight Guys, Beefcake Hunter and the other solo operators stay safe!

Wonder what will happen to TGS. I seem to recall he may have been working with Dominic Ford, or at least using his website hosting and payment system so maybe DF will keep it going. The site is still live as of today and Ludvig’s scenes are still there.

I suspect the site will go down eventually, there’s just no-one operating it now as otherwise the Ludwig scenes would probably have been removed by now.

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Very sad and tragic news. :frowning:

Arrest has been made.

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Seems like a “the boyfriend did it”. Volatile relationship or money maybe.

Thinking that TGS might come down at any moment I decided to join with my affiliate URL to take a final look. TGS was actually one of my favorite sites years ago and a big money maker for me. In fact, it was the site I signed up with that established my CCBill affiliate ID. But when they switched to the business model that includes payment for credits to download videos my sales dropped off big time.

Now I may know why: after I joined this week I did not see the sale come through on CCBill.

I’m still seeing sales from TGS on my CCBill link…

It’s only a matter of time before it’s closed down. Probably takes a while to filter down and the site just remains up as long as the hosting is availble, i.e. until next hosting bill isn’t paid.

It’s a different scenario than Latinboyz but when their owner passed someone else took over operations. Not saying that will happen for TGS but it’s a possibility… At a minimum maybe someone will continue to pay hosting bills until the sites just no longer profitable.

Str8UpGayPorn has more details today. Lam is being charged with murder and could get the death penalty. What’s interesting is that the Police are still not naming The Guy Site owner as the victim. I wonder why. Seems like whenever there is a murder victim on the news you hear their name. I assume maybe the Police are trying to notify a relative or emergency contact, but it’s been a month now, how long can that take?

Is it really possible that the owner of a fairly successful adult site didn’t have a lawyer or someone to take over his affairs in the case of his death or being incapacitated? I guess the answer to that is yes in this case, but still, it seems unusual. Just having a lawyer to walk you through all the legal requirements of running an adult site seems like something every producer would do, even the small time operators.

I also wonder if the Police have confiscated all of his records which would include the 2257 files and all the original video footage and photos, keeping it all as evidence. This might preclude anyone from trying to buy the site or taking it over, at least for several years until the trial is over.

As I previously mentioned, I joined TGS recently because it’s been several years since I had access and I wanted to take one last look while it was still online. It really was a great site for the hunky football player type. Off hand I can’t think of any other site that goes after that type of man.

Same here. TGS’ ccbill link code is still working. I saw new sales in May, 2023

The Guy Site appears to be no more as of today 7/21/23. I get a “this site cannot be reached” message.

RIP… what a sad story.

It’s terrible.

I always liked Bill.

Used to see him every year at the Phoenix Forum.