Best Video Setup Recipes of 2012

Video questions triptych for everyone:

  1. How do you deliver videos on your site?

  2. Why did you choose to set things up that way?

  3. How would someone replicate your video setup? …the recipe

I’m relaunching after being offline for a few months. Actually 2 years…had a few personal things to sort out. Thanks to suggestions from dzinerbear and others, my new Wordpress site has switched to CCBill. Seemed like everyone suggested I go that route two years ago, and it definitely looks like that is still one of the better options.

I’m pretty close to relaunch, but still have one last thing on my checklist. I am trying to decide if I should buy a Wowza license or not. I’ve been researching streaming vs pseudo streaming (progressive downloads), did a few searches on the webmaster forum, and actually I just visited the site, “” I can see straightrentboys are using JW Player, but considering how smooth everything appears on their site, I’m thinking they might be streaming through JW player?! What they have works beautifully. I just want to implement their setup recipe…if they are willing to share it. I fired dannyz a pm.

But why not have a thread where webmasters who are willing, share what they are doing? Maybe everyone has already shared their video setup recipes.* If so, please put let me know and I’ll kill this thread. I’m assuming many of you have strong opinions about why your setup is ideal/better given other variables like server environment, hosting provider or hosting package.

*This may already be a thread somewhere. If so, my rusty search skills have failed. The best I have found is this thread about embedding videos, but it’s 2 years old (still has great content anyway). There are also various threads that discuss streaming vs. psuedo streaming (progressive) with suggestions, but no recipes that are current.