Best sales since 2018?

Very strange but awesome week. We had our best sales week since 2018 and best sales day since 2018. I find this very odd for being the summer, in the middle of a pandemic, recession, war and everything else. Anyone else see an increase in sales?

Solid numbers, but not our best of the year. Glad to see you are getting those numbers though!!

That’s great to hear! June sales were great and July is also off to a pretty good start. I think a lot of that was due to July 4th weekend and running a lot of sales. I’m glad things seem to be bouncing back a little for everyone despite all the economic downturn.

Far from the best year or month unfortunately. Traffic is up a lot but sales down.

June was pretty interesting for me. I have several revenue streams and affiliate sales is just one part, but it overtook almost everything else last month in a way I hadn’t expected.
No idea what it was. This month hasn’t been close to that.