Beefcakehunter DMCAs

I had been promoting BCH since 2015, and never had an issue with them until last month. I got the first BCH DMCA from a company called “cam model protection”, on behalf of Steven B. Maynard, on Sept 15th, 2021. It affected two URLs on my site.

I think BCH hired cam model protection to take down pirate contents from google search. It seemed that company sent out DMCAs without distinguishing affiliates from pirates. So I emailed Charlie at BCH about this false DMCA issue. Charlie replied “Hello Stevie, I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ll inform the company about this.”

Last week, I got another DMCA from cam model protection, It affected two URLs on my site. So I emailed Charlie again, and told him “If the DMCA company you hired can not distinguish affiliates from pirates, they should not be in the business. At least teach them whitelist your affiliate’s domain.” And Charlie replied “Stevie, sorry about this. I’m taking care of it.”

Ironically, today I got a new DMCA again from cam model protection. This time it affected 14 URLs. Obviously, either Charlie did not do anything, or the company he hired did not whitelist affiliates’ sites. They just sent out DMCAs by bots anyway. It’s so annoying.

After some search, I found cam model protection had a bad history of DMCA abuse.

Did anyone know the number of DMCAs to trigger a warning from Mojo? Did anyone get BCH DMCAs from this company recently? Did you file a counter notice? Thanks. I will also forward this post to Charlie in case he wants to join the discussion.

On your question regarding warnings from Mojo, we will reach out to our customer as soon as we get a DMCA, as is required, and as long as they are dealt with and acted on in 72 hours, you don’t run any risks in losing your hosting.

Hi Natalie

Thanks for reply. Can you take a look if Mojo got a DMCA about this issue? I guess this time only google search was involved?

I took a look at those false DMCAs sent by cam model protection. I find some other affiliates who also got targeted, such as scallyguy, menofporn, str8upgayporn and queerclick.

Obviously, cam model protection just sent out DMCAs to everyone without regard to affiliates or pirates. They are just abusing DMCA for profits.

Charlie told me he will contact the company one more time regarding this big issue. So, filing counter notice is the only way to deal with this issue, or the claimant (cam model protection) could cancel those DMCAs on his end?

@mensparkle can you please send me an email to [email protected] with your account information at Mojo and/or information in the DMCA/what videos were requested for takedown? It’ll be extremely hard to locate otherwise.

Mensparkle, I got the same DMCA notice from Google a couple weeks ago. And like you, I emailed beefcakehunter and Charlie responded in exactly the same way he replied to you. I don’t know if he did anything, but I didn’t get any more DMCA notices after that. As far as I know, my hosting didn’t get any DMCA notices from them directly.

When I take a look at the keyword “beefcakehunter” in my google search console, it shows I was removed from their search (all clicks stopped) on Oct 4th, but then slowly started to re-appear on Oct 9th, but from a much lower position (I used to rank 24th for that keyword, now 60th).

It amazes me that something like this could happen. If they sent DMCA notices to their own affiliates, then they really don’t know what they are doing with DMCA. What a mess.

I got a DMCA today… emailed him but not heard back yet.

I got this from Beefcake Hunter today:

Dear Affiliate,
It has come to our attention that our hired company taking care of the DMCAs were attacking our much appreciated affiliates.

We’ve decided to stop this service starting today.

For those affiliates that have been affected, please accept our apologies and let us know if there’s anything that we can do to revert the affected links (file a Counter Notice)

Thank you for your understanding,


Beefcake Hunter

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Sadly it takes just as much energy to work with the small cheaper DMCA companies as it does to do the DMCA work yourself, and I think some smaller studios do not realise this, some of these companies use the nuclear option and are not really designed for studio support (as we have tried a lot of the smaller companies), a lot are zeroed in and work perfectly for cam models but the structure does not blend well with studios and affiliates.

I have said on this forum multiple times that at French Twinks the only 2 companies we have ever worked with that have not impacted our affiliates and been effective at removing piracy were PornGuardian, and our current piracy service DMCAForce with Digiregs.

I am neither a BCH affiliate or affiliated with the piracy companies above but maybe some who are affiliates at BCH would want to suggest these companies to the team at BCH (especially DMCAForce) if they are looking for an alternative, as its saved us about 30 man hours a week at French Twinks, which although some may say the price is a barrier we have seen; 1) Reduction in piracy, and man hours to remove it; 2) continued sales growth month on month since using them; 3) they just know the industry amazingly well, understand who they are sending DMCAs to, and what is legal content and are generally some of the most professional people working in that sector that also understand the gay side as well as straight very well.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll forward that to them.

We use DMCA Protect - DMCA Protect -Photo, Video, Audio Copyright Protecton in combo with Xvid autograph to help prevent leaks, and find who leaks them if its done. Xvid also does fraud monitoring on the backend to root the pro pirates out at high rate of success.