Based software/programmng for new site

Hi All i hope i am welcome here, and lookforward to working with you!

I am building a tube with an emphasis of gay guys seducing straight guys, i am told this is a pretty good niche, basically a tone of video trailers put together on this niche…

Can anybody give me any indication of the best soft or programming language so i can easily build the site and place the videos on the website from the affiliate programs thanks alot./

Also if any guys work in this niche please message me

Hi there! Welcome to GD forum :slight_smile:
KVS (Kernel Video Sharing) is a great option for tubes.
All the best with your project!

There’s already scripts out there that do a good job, wouldn’t it take a long time to build from scratch?

It’s a good niche with a few sponsors you can use:

Aside from KVS, Mechbunny is another solution that offers ready-made tube scripts.

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Thanks for your response :slight_smile: