Australian "Online Safety" laws

There are some new laws being discussed by the Australian Government in May which will make it a little more difficult to be an online content producer in Australia. One of the major changes being that the Government will somehow be able to have content removed from from offshore servers. Up until now they only removed content from servers in Australia (where unrated adult content was banned many years ago).

As a first step to avoid trouble, we have been recommended to put an age verification question on the front page of our websites. Like… Are you over 18? YES/NO

Does anyone know of any sites who have implemented this well? I’d like to have a look at some examples to see how it is working and looks.

Lucas Ent do that since a long time.
Maybe you could search on codecanyon dot com to find a solution

Will that be all that’s required? Sounds a bit too easy.

How much of your subscribers are from Australia? If you don’t get many locals then perhaps block the entire country is a simple way to avoid problems.

The age verification is just one of the initial measures. In the discussion papers it says “It will make it more likely for you to be asked by the eSafety Commissioner to remove “sexually explicit” content from your website or implement a “restricted access gateway” for content.
Finally, the Bill will essentially outlaw the production / distribution of “fetish content” whether or not this content is hosted on Australian servers.”

You have made a very good point about treating the Australian region differently. When I visited the Lucas Ent website I noticed that I am thrown straight into a sex video preview. Whereas Edengay mentioned they have an age verification front page. So I suspect they have implemented that special page only for some countries. I will check the possibility of doing this on my site for Australia only.

In answer to your question. Australia is usually number 2 in terms of number of visitors to the site per country. It’s a national treasure :grinning:

Right ok, so yes I would start to look into handling Australian traffic differently. Cloudflare offer some things that can be used.

I just checked with my developer. He thinks he make something happen. I also found a nicely handled example of verification on Belami’s site.

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You could also make another index page in html if you site is in php like I did at frenchdudes dot com