Anyone heard of this CMS: StagCMS?

I was looking at CMS solutions for adult paysites and came across a new service called StagCMS (StagCMS(dot)com).

They promise a lot, including affiliate emails and affiliate site management and HTML5 videos. It looks good. I’ve been with Elevated X for a while but I find their support challenging to use at times.

Has anyone heard about this CMS?
There are so few options for webmasters who aren’t programmers. AdultSiteCMS looks so good, but people on here seem to had had horrible experiences with them.

So, what you you guys think about StagCMS?
Should I give them a try?

Re: Anyone heard of this CMS: StagCMS?

i wouldn’t mess with an unknown CMS myself. how adventurous are you feeling? i don’t see much about them, and the last time their rep was on GFY seems to be last summer, unless i’m missing something.

if you’re tempted, maybe you could email them a few questions to see how quickly they respond. ask about support - do they offer support via email, ticket system, phone or messenger?

Re: Anyone heard of this CMS: StagCMS?

Thanks for the good advice, basschick.
Their website is pretty good. They have a ticketing system. I’m really excited about their affiliate tools and their HTML5 videos. And their price.

I would love to stick with Elevated X. I just get so frustrated dealing with their support. And their are so few people who can work with their Smarty templates. The good ones who can are so backed up. I know that’s a common problem with good programmer, but it presents big challenges.

I’ll email them and see what I find out. Thanks so much!

Re: Anyone heard of this CMS: StagCMS?

Hey Robert, looks like their pricing is about the same as Elevated X. There needs to be more competition to get some of those prices a bit more “reasonable” IMHO.

Let us know what you find out because I am looking for a CMS solution at the moment as well!