Anyone heard of adnetworkland?

We’ve been getting some determined emails from someone named Elis from adnetworkland wanting to place an ad on one of our sites.

We’ve been using JuicyAds on the blog for a while and suggested they place an ad through them, mostly because we really don’t have time to faff around with direct ad buys right now.

Now they’re asking how much money we make with Juicy (Spoiler: Not enough!) which is obviously a red flag.

Turns out their domain was set up in Jan.

Am I just unreasonably suspicious?

Just thought I’d ask here before I block their email address.

Not heard of them but I’ve had emails from many other advert programs on a weekly basis.

Thanks Bjorn.
We don’t really get that kind of communication so it was a little surprising.
I think I’m going to trust my instincts on this one and give it a pass.