Anyone fluent in Prestashop?

Hey all,

I thought I’d inquire here first seeing as so many of you are technical wizards.
It’s a long-shot but worth a try.

We recently moved an adult store to a new server and updated Prestashop to the latest version. This unfortunately led to a stock manager module no longer functioning.

We’re looking for someone who can update the module files to work with the new Prestashop, just to keep stock levels in sync with our supplier (so customers aren’t ordering items that aren’t available).

We have the original stock manager module to work from and I’m told it would only take a few code updates to be compatible.

Not sure where else to even start looking for someone who can do this so if any of you lovely folks are capable please let me know.


Hey Conran, I cant help here, and if nobody else is able to I would suggest trying Fiverr…

Specifically I have worked with one Colombian gentleman there who has been pretty good with some PHP stuff with wordpress and some custom stuff for another website of mine. (profile below) I suggest messaging for a quote before buying anything though.

Failing him there’s loads of people there who have prestashop skills (a simple search there should get you what you need)… Just again always message before buying as you will work out quite fast if they can help or not by message, 95% are totally honest upfront if they wont be able to do the task.