Anyone done Clips4Sale?

Any input on Clips 4 Sale would be appreciated.


I promote a site that does, but a small niche site though:

Its not terrible on the Gay Side. Preferably go a lot higher on a PPV sale than elsewhere $1.50 a minute isn’t unheard of if its a very niche fetish, I would aim for $12.99 per clip as a sweet spot for anything generic, but its a lot of effort to post a video for the reward unless its more niche content. 2257 section is a bit all over the place and its required for each video even if a producer with a 2257 address, unlike for instance XHamster/Faphouse. They can be a little funny sometimes with legacy content if it does not have the current standards for 2257 (consent to put online/consent to put on other websites… but weirdly only on 1/20 scenes uploaded so think it depends on the 2257 and scene reviewers).

I would also sign up to ManyVids, similar concept, maybe again hit the $12.99 per scene maybe with a global 20% off sale on the price on there as they run a lot of promotions a year where they give customers an additional 10-20% off already discounted vids (without the producer loosing any revenue), and discounted vids seem to sell better. Again have all 2257 ready as they require it on posting… although a lot simpler and quicker system than C4S… Although my experience on ManyVids has been with straight content so not sure if gay has the same traffic there.

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Also I do know a guy that’s added clips4sale so I can get you some.feedbsck

I tried C4S for about 3 years with some gay solo content but only made about 5 sales. They changed their record keeping requirements and locked me out of my account without telling me so that pissed me off so I closed my store with them. Thinking about trying ManyVids.