Anyone being paid by AdultForce?

Does anyone have an opinion on AdultForce?
We’ve been checking inactive accounts this week and discovered they owe us $500.
The problem is their account form has become a mess and we had to get in touch to with them to change details.
We have given them the bank details, but they kept telling us they’re wrong (every other program has sent us money for years without a problem). Now our contact says accounting has updated all the details, but it’s not showing on our account page.

Should we expect to get paid or is AdultForce another one trying everything they can to rob their affiliates?

They pay like clockwork. Did you go through their KYC process?

That’s what we’re trying to achieve now, it’s not very successful so far.

Almost certainly that.

One problem I had was when entering your name to start the process it had to match the name on file including your title (Mr in my case). Took a LONG time to figure that out.

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No problems with payment but jeez I wish they would of went with Nats. Their software is a shit show.

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Yeah… I cannot believe that the biggest porn company around can’t figure out how to do a decent affiliate software with all the resources and money they have. NATS would have been such a huge improvement over what they have.