Any recommendations?

So you may (or not) know that I tried to create a “social” adult website, but the problem is that without content you don’t have a traffic, without traffic… you don’t have a content. I have an amateur website with a small traffic that gets user’s content, but 90% of that you definitely don’t want to see. ever.

Anyway, I tried to swap ideas and create something new… “a blog”, but more complex with profiles, followers, reviews, etc, for a profi porn. Basically, I create a profile for example for CockyBoys, add promo content on their behalf and users can follow them, add posts to favorite, create their own collections, etc, plus I try to rewrite description for each scene as some promo descriptions are really poor/too short, for better SEO and also I link it to a site review (which I recently added, so I only have a few reviews so far).

And it kind of works… kind of. The problem once again is the content. For example, a scene with Joel Hart And Bastian Karim had 500 hits within 24 hours, but a massive bounce and exit rate, because the video is only 1 minute long and there is like 10 seconds of “actual” porn.

I practice my R skills on data from my website and this type of content is really bad, on the other hand longer videos from CockyBoys are doing much better (even getting more clicks), but it is almost impossible to get the better content. IndieBucks still has longer videos, and they are doing good, but only BlakeMason is the only site that kind of fits into my website.

Any ideas how to get “better” content and who would be willing to “cooperate”?

All I can say is good luck. Sponsors are unlikely to change anything and settled into using whatever length for promo videos they now use.

Porn Tubes using legal promo material will always have very high bounce rates and all other types of metrics you might look at. It’s the nature of it, it’s only short promos after all and most will just move on. You’re kind of asking for the impossible you want people to stay on your site and watch the videos, yet use promo content. Promo content is exactly that, just a teaser aimed to send the user back to the sponsor. If you have really good metrics for your content then they won’t be going anywhere. I think what you kind of are trying to do is build something up around the sponsor and that’s not a bad idea. You could perhaps see the promo videos as just a part of the overall content, so that it’s not used as the main content or reason to visit your site.

I do agree though, really short videos are not good for anything but I’ve tried to get better over the years, 2-3min max and not been successful.

Thanks Bjorn, it seems like they are expecting to sell their content, but they are not willing to do much. There is something about this “adult-content/creators” mindset, which is even worse with OF/JFF creators.

But yeah, you are correct… I used to have websites where I could just import 1000’s of short trailers and I couldn’t care less, because if you have a massive amount of content, you will get some traffic (eventually), but as you said, I’m trying to make the videos just a part of the content, but still it takes some time to “process” it manually and a few seconds videos are not worth my time and effort.

I was told some studios let you cut your own (older) videos, which would be fine, I could have a older videos with a few new short videos here and there, but I got no response so far if they would let me do that.

Yes I think Buddy Profits does to some affiliates. Maybe others. But it might depend on how much sales you have. I’ve never done it because it’s too time consuming vs what it pays.

Yeah, I will do a few more adjustments and email a few sponsors to ask if they would be willing to let me access their websites to write a review and use a mixture of new short videos and longer older videos, I think “diluting” short videos between longer videos and other content could help.

Well, the question is they will even answer me… but you can always ask, right?

btw. how did you get longer videos from TIM? I saw that you have them on your website, but I can’t see them anywhere in aff area.

We can get you members access for our site and you can clip videos that is no problem.

Yeah, that would be great. The only problem is that I actually created an account there some time go to have it ready when the website is ready, but I still cannot log in. I get “Access Denied”.

I think you need a gimmick that keeps people coming back. Something they know that every hour (down to at least once per day) there is something new to see, and not knowing what that might be.

Return visits are god, and once you have that traction, you can start showing the other stuff to them to funnel them off where you’ll make some money.

Passive user engagement only goes so far, and is quite in the rear view unless you have a massive repository that’s going to knock some of the bigger sites’ names off the top of the list for your surfers.

I agree. Even if you get a big spike in a traffic for some reason and lots of new registered members that will go through almost all your post, it’s difficult to get them back the next day (or so) even if there is a new content every X hours.

I emailed a few sponsors this morning if they would let me write a review for their website which would be linked to their profiles (…) and asked if they would be okay to share longer version of their videos, Say Uncle answered me that I can use iframes from their pornhub where they have a full version of their old videos.

So basically they give affiliates a few seconds long clips, but they give PornHub full videos. Well, I understand it’s because of traffic on pornhub and etc, but still.

I don’t know what your using to build your site but it sounds like you are doing a Wordpress blog that features a different sponsor each time. (Post) Adding a short video to something like that along with the photos should help your sales. You can select what level you want for people to be allowed to make comments. Plus there are community board plugins you can add.

Yeah, something like that. Each studio is basically the author of that post and each studio has its own profile other users can follow, subscribe to, etc. If you subscribe to X, XY, XX studio, then you will have posts from X, XY, XX studios in your feed…

A typical video post has rewritten description, altered/extended title, photo gallery and call to action, and under the post there is author’s info…

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We have 4 min video available and in some cases allow for longer.

I created a profile for you and added some of your recent videos, some of them will be added later to “mix” the content. I will dm you with more details.

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I can provide you with videos which are around 10-15min long and also have an affiliate program to join if you are interested. DM me for more details.

Great that you can offer longer videos. I’ve sold your site for a while but there’s not much sales, I’m guessing it’s because of your tour, it links out to all kinds of different versions of your site and im guessing the affiliate tracking gets lost (video store, model site etc).