Announcing Jawked

Hey guys,

Wasn’t sure if to use the main forum or the PR forum, but I am very pleased that we have officially released today. This site is updated on Friday’s with the hardcore scene and photo set, plus 2x a week with a solo photo set. The site featured Jocks/Hunks with a twink partner. We are also offering streaming only as an option for members, as well as the regular stream + download option.

If you need a user/pass to do a proper review of the site for your sites/blogs, please email me for that. FHG, Tube videos, Trailers and Zip sets are now available inside XXXRewards.

This site is not part of a network with Boyfun, and is a stand alone site.

Any further questions, please email, DM or skype me.

Hope you all are good.

  • Brent

Looks good congrats Brent. :smiley:

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Thanks a lot Mark. :slight_smile:

Can you add my login to this site so I can get it on JUB

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Congratulations on the new site, will start to promote it.

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Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Anyone started pushing the site, or have some feedback? What tools do you need more of etc. Any review/bloggers/tubers need special access to make their promo more unique? Appreciate it all :slight_smile:

The site looks good and I have listed it. I like the concept and think you have picked out a good niche that isn’t really explored consistently on other sites. The only comment I have is that there only seems to be a few of the scenes that let the difference between Jock and Twink show through and most appeared to be more like twink on twink and quite similar to Boyfun. E.g. Finn needs a fucking and secret smutt tick the box on the jock on twink theme for me, but bad boy watching and work his wood seem to be more generic twink scenes.

Personaly I think if you can get that age difference to stand out more, or an obvious difference between the build of the guys it will help in terms of making it stand out as something unique.

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Thanks a lot. I agree with that. We started shooting with better contrast, then the lockdowns and things took affect, and most good Jocks and Hunks don’t live in the Czech Republic. But we are working to make sure the compromise ends, as more options start to exist now. Thanks very much for that feedback :slight_smile:

I’m Michael, the producer for Jawked. Thank you for your feedback regarding the scenes. I want to try and get the twink and jocks so the difference is more noticeable. Regarding the two scenes you mention, “Word His Wood”, I agree the difference is not that noticeable, but in “Bad Boy Watching”, the bottom is actually 32 (but doesnt look his age). How could we have made the difference between the guys more noticeable, or maybe you guys can give me more your definitions of a “jock” as to me Maxim was a jock. I want improve the content so any feedback here is really helpful.


@Boyfun-Brent Great news, love the site and the idea behind it… I will get to promoting it :slight_smile:

@FRMichael I think you have gotten it fairly on point to be honest… I would agree personally that Maxim is a Jock… bit more “beef” on the bones than normally on a Twink (by ours and I believe BoyFun standards). But I know the definition sways between one person and another… Someone I know just last week referred to a guy “Riley” from Sean Cody as a twink because he looked young… in our eyes I am sure we would refer to him as a beefy jock or young hunk haha.

Anyway Keep up the great work guys. Onwards & Upwards!

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So is “jawked” a slang term for something of did you just make it up?

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Sounds like Jocked and allowed us to have jocks with twinks or pivot slightly if needed, while still building a brand with a unique name.

Looks great, the dark blue color scheme is easy on the eyes too. Great job Brent and team!

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Thanks as always Natalie! Can’t wait for the next in person conference, miss seeing everyone!

Sigh, yes!

Nice looking new site, congrats!

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