AmateursDoIt Is now part of ZBuckz

If you are an affiliate of AmateursDoIt, you may have missed that it is now part of the ZBuckz program, so you will probably want to change the old links that were leading to Carnal Cash.

Thank you. I missed this news. I’m deleting all their promos now.

We will be sending out an email about it shortly, but if you are already a zbuckz affiliate there is no need to change your links. We have redirects set up so you are still receiving credit. More exciting news coming! :blush:

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If there is anything we can do to keep you promoting the site let me know! With fresh exclusive updates on the way as well as a fresh new tour that better promotes the Australian models, I think it should do well for you.

This site is pure gold. When it was updated regularly, there was definitely interest in it because of the unique content. There have also been some pretty cool fresh faces lately.

Yes it did very well. Shame it doesnt update.

Morning, Hope all is well. Speaking of updates… We are actually working on their new update schedule with them now. They’ve also already turned in multiple updates and as I understand it will be filming loads more. Honestly, they seem positively giddy to be back producing and sharing all that Australian heat!

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That’s great news.

You haven’t approved my sites anymore.

I’m not familiar with your sites and didn’t know you had signed up before.You can always email or DM me here with your username and I should be able to get it approved for you.

Looks like you changed the name too? Aussies Do it?

Correct we have now completed the name change and rebranding to “

Will there be new updates on the other site you launched, Andy’s Aussie Boys?

We do have an announcement regarding an Andy’s Aussie Boys revamp coming soon, but we are waiting on some confirmation from our partners about updates on it. The goal of course is to get it updating again, so hopefully I’ll have some good news on that front soon!

ok, thanks for the information.

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Absolutely, I’ll update you as soon as I have more to share. :slight_smile: