Alternatives to StatsRemote?

I used to love Stats Remote, but they’ve discontinued the desktop software. I checked out the company and what they are doing and it seems like they’ve maybe moved to a web version. My first thought was that I would have to put all of my passwords into their system (fat chance) and log into their site every day to see things summarized.

Can any other users catch me up on what happened and if you started using their web UI, or found a different solution? Kinda bummed out about this one.

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Yes, I’ve been using Nifty Stats for a few years now. They are really good. It’s also very similar to Statsremote.

Statsremote’s sudden disappearance is still a mystery, no idea what happened to them.

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I did email them, and I got a vague response that they ‘were working on other things’ now.

I’ve been using Nifty Stats for years now as well. Another pleased customer.

Another Vote for Nifty Stats here!

I use the same and highly recommend Nifty Stats

Ditto what others are saying…

Unfortunately though you will still need to enter all your login info again for each program you support; as far as I recall when I made the migration :frowning:

Also using Nifty Stats and very pleased with them

NIfty Stats is pretty much the only option. And they now have a version for Macs.