All CCBILL link codes are not working

Did anyone notice that or just my issues?

It seems CCBILL has fixed the problem.

It’s not working again.

I only checked a handful but they appear to be working for me… Plus my daily CCBill stats are inline with normal traffic.

It works for a while, and not working for a while. Just like wave.

The error info I got:



Sometimes it goes through, sometimes it does not. You have to test a few times.

I think the issue is on CCBILL side. I get same error info if I test with real ccbill link

It seems that I am not the only one.

Yes someone else mentioned the same. I hope they fix it, its a major concern.

I just visited your blog and clicked on your latest Fuckermate post and the CCBill error you highlighted above is the same error message I received. I then clicked on my latest Fuckermate post and the CCBill link worked fine, but when I clicked on the link within my latest ChaosMen post, I got the same error as you, so there’s definitely a problem. I will contact CCBill so they are aware that it’s affecting multiple people. I’m using a direct internet connection (no VPN or proxy) and the Firefox browser on a Mac. You’re right about it being hit and miss, sometimes you get the error and sometimes you don’t.

I have been seeing it on and off all day too.

I just received this reply back from Marko at CCBill:

Hello Brad,

Thank you for your email. I hope you are well.

My name is Marko and I am with Merchant Support Tier 2 Department at CCBill.

I’ve notified our backend department about the error that referral URLs are giving. It was just a temporary hiccup that should be resolved now.

Please let us know if you are still noticing the same issue.


Marko M.
Merchant Support Specialist
[email protected]
Phone: 800.510.2859; Option #4
Fax: 480.449.8801

I have tested quite a few CCBill links since receiving this reply and I no longer received the error message, so hopefully things are back to normal again.

Yes, it looks like they fixed the problem, but we have to keep an eye on it. I guess CCBILL had a strict timeout setting on redirect. It may stop the redirect when it’s still on the way. Or CCBILL had some anti-spamming setting that caused a false alarm that treats a normal access as spam.

I already had a couple of conversations via email with CCBILL’s tech support yesterday. TBH, I don’t like their tech support, not only from CCBILL, but also from some host company. Each time when you complain about tech issues, they always have an instinct to push it back to you and treat you like a rookie. It takes a lot of time to have them figure out what’s going on. And most of the time, it turns out the issues locate on their end.

Today, this CCBILL link issue happened again. It’s been hitting or missing for the whole day. It’s only 2 months past. What’s wrong with CCBILL? I sent a ticket to CCBILL. The same tech support guy Marko replied with same useless answer.

Please check you CCBILL links, and send CCBILL complaints, otherwise they won’t do anything, or just tell you it’s a temporary hiccup.

Hello Stevie,

Thank you for your email. I hope you are well.
My name is Marko and I am with Merchant Support Department at CCBill.

We haven’t had any complaints about the redirect URLs, not working. There is no system maintenance as well that may cause this issue.

It does sound like a glitch.

Can you, please, provide us with examples of affiliate accounts and URL, and preferably some screenshots of the error so we can investigate this further if necessary?


I also had this problem yesterday, same error. I do wonder how much sales gets dropped due to these issues with CCBill. There’s also a big up and down in amount of sales with ccbill, happening for years…

This is why programs NEED cascade billing :bang:

My ticket has been escalated to a higher level of CCBILL tech support yesterday. And here was Marko’s reply:

================================================== ====
Hello Stevie,

One of our satellites was out of the rotation, and that has maybe caused the issue you were having. Since this is now resolved, can you, please, check if you are seeing the same issue again?

Additionally, we are still not able to replicate the issue, nor we had any other complaints from any other merchants. The issue may be isolated to a couple of merchants, and it wouldn’t imply that the issue is on our end.


Marko M.
Merchant Support Specialist
[email protected]
Phone: 800.510.2859; Option #4
Fax: 480.449.8801
================================================== ====

Assume what he said is true. It’s satellite issues. Then this is not just a hiccup, but a major issue that affiliates are concerned about. Who knows how much traffic and sales we are gonna lose.

I just tested the result after he claimed the problem was fixed. I tested with 10 different CCBILL link codes with direct internet connection on Chrome. The result looks not good.

4 tests succeeded. The access went through to sponsor sites.
6 tests failed.

I also checked other affiliates’ website, such as mansufer, gaydemon, waybig, and tested their CCBILL link codes. The result is same. There are hitting or missing on and off from time to time. The success/failure ratio is about 50/50.

I recommend other affiliates could contact Marko to report this issue. His email and phone number are listed as above. You can also use my ticket number #2744666 if you contact him, so he knows what issues we’re talking about.

Interestingly I too got “Marko”, who for me was unaware of any such problem… Once I got past “Marko” a manager assured me the issue has been escalated and they’re actively working on it.

They’re still unable to replicate the problem. Not good! I requested a follow-up. We’ll see…

I’m unaware of when the problem began but we have no noticeable gaps in sales coming from affiliates, so it’s likely just intermittent.

CCBill has advised that the problem was found and corrected last night. All appears OK now.

I REALLY wish they would update their system. Grabbing stats, seeing ratios is impossible. I have hundreds of sites in my dropdown with CCBill. I hate it and pretty much stopped promoting CCBill only sites.

They’re at least 15 years behind on updates.

We’ve been tempted many times to switch over to NATS and use a secondary processor along with CCB. We rely so little on affiliates anymore that it’s hard to justify the cost and setup. Although I imagine it may pay for itself pretty quickly…