AI Photo Editor Luminar Neo - 80% Discount

A program called Luminar Neo looks amazing! The program drops form $400 to $79 on Stack Social for 3 more days. The link to the program’s website is here and you can play with all sorts of effects as you scroll down that first page.

It can clear up colors, remove backgrounds, change backgrounds… it reminds me a lot of the original Macromedia Dreamweaver, but without the learning curve.

The sale includes a lifetime license, can be used on 2 machines, plus there are 5 or 6 plugins. It can be used on Mac or Windows. And it can be used as a plugin to Photoshop.

And no… those aren’t affiliate links. I just know how much better a photo can become and can really make a difference for your paysites, blogs, etc.

Used a few of their products over the years including one of the upscale with AI programs they offer now, what I find quite annoying though is they seem to discontinue an item with a lifetime license and although it still works no longer updates, but release identical items every few years with the updates ect.

I for instance have a license for Photolemar which was their flagship product before Luminar, exactly the same product from what I can see, just the old product no longer updates.

Good products overall though

EDIT: The upscale product I mentioned was by Topazlabs and not Skylum (my confusion)