affiliate programs that take down content

recently i’ve been making freesites for someone and needed more than the last couple months of content from affiliate program, so imagine my surprise when i discovered that some of the programs i’m working with only leave a couple months of their content up.

well, damn - i need more content than that to make sites to promote their programs, so i wrote to a few programs, and one just sent me the last couple months - which i already had.

what’s up with that? i love working with programs that leave their promo content up - that way, i can promote their sites however i want. if i use 4 sets per freesite (considering some offer under 20 pics per site, i have to do that so the site can have 50 or more pics), that means that 2 months of content is only 2 free sites :frowning:

Re: affiliate programs that take down content

Yep and it also bugs me when sponsors give 5 sets of 10 pics and think thats enough to keep you busy…

Re: affiliate programs that take down content

In some cases of a high quality shoot there may only be 25 images in a set. To put out the entire set in the affiliate content area is kinda tough. It isn’t really possible to shoot 100 pictures in a single setting and have them be high quality and unique. So it really depends on the content a sponsor offers.

That being said, I don’t know why someone would remove the older material. I have noted that some new affiliates will take EVERYTHING and use it all at once.

Re: affiliate programs that take down content

I hate that too Patti. That’s why I’ve kept all of our promo-sets online since we’ve started 2 years ago. And it’s quite a massive archive already. :smiley: