affiliate programs and banners

i was looking for some new sites to add to a freesite script and came across a surprising number of programs that offer very few or no horizontal banners 468 or wider, which was weird 'cause that is like THE standard size banner. one program offered at least a dozen skyscrapers and no horizontals. another offered horizontal banners that were no wider than 368.

so we end up either having to make banners and get permission to use them from each sponsor or else writing to each sponsor and requesting more banners to be made. in the past, when i’ve requested certain banners, i either hear back that they’ll get right on it and never hear back or else they make banners that no one would ever click.

anyone else ever run into this problem?

Re: affiliate programs and banners

Yep, more times than I ever expected too. Specially that ‘we will get right on it’ comment, which I now know means… ‘not in my lifetime’ :bang:

Re: affiliate programs and banners

Yes, I found this too. It’s quite a ball ache.