Adult Force Performance?

Anyone else seeing a steep increase in conversion ratios for the month of March?

On my end I haven’t seen any sales since March 6th, which is VERY odd.

For the last four years my monthly conversion hovers around 1:550 - 1:850.

This month I’m at 1:2,181 so far and each additional day with no sales just makes that number higher.

With 7 years worth of NIfty Stats data I’ve never seen conversions this bad. The worse was in 2018 where they hovered around 1:1,200.


I’m at 1/926 for the year with Sean Cody. I convert 10x better with BigStr. Makes no sense lol.

Are you seeing sales this month since March 6th?

When I speak of Adult Force I’m talking about all their sub properties combined.


No sales in March. That is for everything.

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Just saw this posted on XBIZ.

Not sure if it’s related to the reason I started this thread or not?

ie Lack of Sales since March 6th.

I’ve had sales for Adult Force but ratios gone from roughly 1:200 to 1:400 for March compared to other months. March with them have definitely had more days with no sales than any other month.

Ever since was taken over by Manwin years ago the ratios and income has kept going down. I used to make a lot with them but it’s now a minor sponsor really considering how many big sites they have.

It’s definitely looking fishy to me.

Otherwise March have been decent in terms of sales across all sponsors, nothing out of the ordinary worse or better.

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Not exactly related, but I did find recently that you need to “verify your business” and send them various tax and company documents in order to get paid now. You may want to check and see if you have any pending payments and if so follow the steps to verify your business under your account settings.

Thanks Danny… Did that awhile ago…

Getting paid isn’t the issue. No sales since March 6th was the issue.

I VERY VERY RARELY go more than two days with no sales so when I saw the 10 day stretch and my conversion ratio I was like WTF.

With that said a sale did come through today so maybe it’s just an anomaly. . Crossing fingers.

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That is interesting indeed. Considering a Private Equity Firm bought them, their main objective is going to be to make it profitable as soon as possible so they can earn maximum profits before selling it again for an inflated price. Despite all their posturing about being “transparent,” I am not so sure this will be a positive development.

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Bjorn, like you sales across the board have been stable in March compared to past months.

Something is just off with Adult Force…

Hoping it’s just a one off and will correct course soon.

In fairness I have to say that the ratios improved now for the month of March over the weekend, from 1:400 to 1:300.

Same here… I did speak with Frank on Thursday (16th) just to make sure there wasn’t an issue with the reporting within Adult Force or something… He said there were no problems…

The very next day (17th) 4 sales came in, Then the next (18th) 4 more, and yesterday (19th) 2 more… So things definitely returned to normal.

Not sure what happened from March 7th through the 15th. :thinking:

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