A question about buying content

In theory the idea of buying exclusive or non-exclusive adult content to start a paysite sounds like a great idea except for one thing: to be successful, a new paysite will probably need to establish an affiliate program and the affiliates will want promo pictures and maybe video clips to promote the site. With third party content I would assume that when you purchase the rights it is only for your site… you can’t give out promo material to other sites. If not, and the content sellers material ended up on hundreds of blogs I would think that would dilute the value.

Am I right about this or do content sellers generally allow you to release some promo content from what you buy? If not it seems like buying content is only good for sites that already have some of their own original content they can give out to affiliates for promo purposes, or for sites that don’t set up affiliate programs.

Re: A question about buying content

In answer to your question, when we sell content we allow the sites buying it to use it for any promos they may want to do.

If they are buying exclusive then the content becomes 100% theirs and they can do whatever they want with it.

Re: A question about buying content

read the license for each set before you buy or talk to a rep for each broker. some content sellers allow you to use a percentage of what you license from them as affiliate content, some allow you to use whatever you need, some don’t allow it at all, and some allow only certain content to be used that way or have a different license for those who want to use the content for affiliates.