2.6.2 Beta?

:bang: I wonder about all these releases, wtf is it, do we as consumers really expect new stuff every month or two? They are claiming that 2.7 will be out in November, and here is a beta of 2.6.2?

BTW u should hear what some developers thing of all us users of WP. Its eye opening, but that’s a different can of worms. whistle

Re: 2.6.2 Beta?

I am using 2.6.1 which is where I will stay unless there are security issues or major feature upgrades…this is getting old

Re: 2.6.2 Beta?

lol You should hear what some developers of plugins say about it. Talk about a sense of entitlement. It is getting old, and I am sticking to 2.6.1 as well. Mind you this is just a beta, and may not even make it to a final release, as 2.7 is only 2 odd months away.

Just frosts me at how they push it in your face when they do release one, and make it all sound so urgent. Even in their own words, they claim that the policy is to release a candidate, like 2.6 then a fix release a month later, for stuff they got wrong or didn’t see, hence a ?.?.1 release.

I shall now wait for those .1 releases, rather than the major upgrade.