1 million Canadians tracked for illegal downloading

An anti-piracy company says it has gathered information on one million Canadians who have shared copyrighted material online.

Changes to copyright law are making it possible for the movie and music companies to go after illegal downloaders – and the Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement, or Canipre, has already spent months collecting users’ IP addresses on the industries’ behalf.

But while one woman was ordered to pay $2 million for downloading two movies in America, the Canadian government has put a $5,000 ceiling on damages for households that get caught.

Read more: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/1-million-canadians-tracked-for-illegal-downloading-1.1056615#ixzz2DXbDJZg5

Re: 1 million Canadians tracked for illegal downloading

We’re such wusses up here. Someone who can afford $5000 won’t even care. It’s like our traffic laws in Canada…pathetic. The maximum penalty for involuntary manslaughter during a motor vehicle ‘accident’ is 5 years in jail. Woopie s#$%.

Still…this IS a step in the right direction. 1 out of every 32 Canadians shares content. That’s a big ratio. And those are only the ones they know about. Wow.

Thanks for the link Gumdrop :wink: